Vistabule Teardrop Trailers

Six years ago on a whim, we attended an RV show at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  As we entered the venue there were multiple rows of Recreation Vehicles in every make and model… the majority extraordinarily large.  We were intimidated by the size and complexity of driving these vehicles..not to mention the cost!  Disappointed by what we saw, we headed for the exit but just before we departed, I spotted a tiny silver trailer called the Vistabule nestled among the beastly RV’s.


Minneapolis RV Show

Attracted by the sleek design as well as the compact size we wandered over and were immediately smitten. This beautifully crafted trailer with a queen bed and a kitchen was everything we needed.  We could travel minimally but still in comfort.

 Vistabule headquarters located in St. Paul, Minnesota have created an impressive fan base. We are “early adapters” and own one of the first manufactured trailers (#22).  There are now more than 300 roaming the United States and a line up for those wanting their own custom built trailer.


Nestled in at Capitol Reef National Park

Here is a link to my first first post written about the Vistabule

Check out their website  Vistabule