After seven years of travel adventures, we decided in late August that it was time to sell our Vistabule. We purchased the camper in 2014 with a dream of seeing the country and then created a list of national parks and landmarks we both wanted to visit. Stephen kept this list tucked in our road atlas and periodically reviewed it. Our first two years with the Vistabule were limited to camping in the Midwest but when we retired and our children were launched, we began full time travel all over the country.

Minneapolis Convention Center

Stephen recently revisited our dream travel list and realized it was mostly fulfilled….except for Alaska. We fully embraced our goal of endless travel, living in a tiny space and enjoying the moment. Our hearts are full and we feel completely satisfied.

BLM outside Capitol Reef National Park
Joshua Tree National Park
Somewhere in Tucson

Once we made the decision to sell, it did not take long to find a buyer. Kathleen is a college professor from Utah and is nearing retirement. She drove to Arizona a few weeks ago and spent the day with us while we walked her through all the functions of the Vistabule. Afterwards, she confidently hooked up the camper and drove away with a smile. It was a seamless transaction and we are thrilled that Kathleen will carry on adventures in the Vistabule.

The Handover
Happy Trails K

Even though we have set down roots in Arizona and enjoy a more stationary life, our travels will continue. We are not finished exploring. Alaska is still on our bucket list …and without a camper perhaps a cruise would be a good option.

Travels to Bryce National Park without the Vistabule

As for this blog….I will continue writing.

8 thoughts on “Change

  1. We still have our trailer but now it blocks access to the backyard! If you do cruise to Alaska, be sure to sign up for the shore trips including the Train Ride.
    How did your daughter do on her hike on the Pacific Trail? Take care & Stay Safe. Ann & Russ Bush, Fremont, CA


  2. That must have been so hard – parting with the Vistabule–more good memories in two years than most people have in a lifetime.  How wonderful to be able to sell it so quickly–and to someone who will probably enjoy it much as you did.  The end of this post said something about Bryce – are you going there or have you been?  (I’ve lost track, sorry)  That is a beautiful spot — not necessarily for biking. At Appletree: you probably have all the news from here – Solarium windows were broken on the truck enroute from Kansas or wherever they came from … so the job won’t be finished this year.  Mary Cole sold her unit (201); Chad Anderson’s (202) is for sale and Fahey’s rental unit is for sale. Barb Gonnella is moving in with her son so her unit will be for sale. Everyone wants to know what insight or “inside” info you had, getting out when you did.  We go from one crisis /expense to another…the latest being “water” events.  Once a month for the last 3 – 4 month’s we have had a water crisis.  The first one was easy – by itself it seemed pretty awful but after the next two, the first was a piece of cake.  A valve broke or whatever valves do ; the woman in the unit below woke up to water running down her bathroom walls and in her linen closet; the second was a water heater that came undone when the owner was gone for the weekend; the drain plugged; all the water went through every unit in that stack from 4th floor to the basement, into the hallways, into resident’s entry ways, ruining some wood floors.  The third and worst: The woman who bought Mary Cole’s unit (101) moved in, turned on her washing machine, went out on errands, came back two hours later to 1-1/2 inches of water throughout her apartment, ruining all the wood flooring (new when Mary Cole moved in 2-3 years ago), draining into the basement.  They brought out the big noisy fans from PaulDavis and set them up in her apartment for 5 days. The washing machine hoses had dried up and burst.  She is a tax return preparer and had boxes and boxes on the floor. The damage from Incident #2 resulted in big pieces being cut out of the walls in that stack so the big fans could blow into them, also for a week.  There is a lot of repair work to be done–hard to sell a unit right now.  I won’t even mention the invasion of boxelder bugs and gnats.  Are you sure you wouldn’t like to move back here ?  And all this says nothing about the new 145-unit building going up in the CTC lot.  The vibrations and noise  wrecked summer.

    Any good news?  Well, yes, Maureen and Ramona agreed to stay on the Board.  I was afraid no one would be willing to run; then what would we do? And I didn’t get covid; got my booster shot today (along with the flu shot) so I’m hoping that’s a little more protection. Caroline Innerbichler, daughter of Mark and Jeanne Innerbichler, who lived  in 201 (maybe before your time, I can’t remember) has the lead (Elsa) in FROZEN. 

    Now you know everything I know. Thanks for being in touch Rosemary


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