Last September we stored our Vistabule in Grand Junction, Colorado and then I took a blogging vacation. I think a case of Covid blues was a large part of this long hiatus but I’m happy to be back with a photo recap and highlights of the last seven months.

In October we travelled to Denver, Colorado and rented an Airbnb while awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild.

Lucy Marie
Despite Covid…a joyful celebration

An extended house-sit in Fort Collins, Colorado allowed us to spend the months of November, December and January near our family and close to bike trails.

With our Christmas decor in storage, we created our own tree.
Fort Collins at its finest

In search of warm weather, Palm Springs was our February destination….

Full moon.

…and Lucy visited for five days.

March took us to Southern Arizona where we fell in love with Green Valley…a smallish town 25 miles south of Tucson. In April we purchased a home and decided to make Green Valley our permanent residence. Currently we’re making a few updates to the house and preparing to move our belongings from Minnesota to Arizona.

Now that our vaccinations are behind us, we will pull the Vistabule from storage in July and explore Western Colorado and New Mexico.