Changing Seasons

We hiked so much this summer that Stephen wore through the soles of his shoes. Fortunately we found an REI in Grand Junction, CO and he was able to purchase a replacement.

That’s a lot of walking!

With the changing weather, we finally conceded that summer is over and it’s time to move indoors. After winterizing the Vistabule, we found a storage space in Grand Junction and then performed the big switcheroo. Shorts and sandals pushed to the bottom of the suitcase and jeans along with fleece jackets moved to the top.

Camper storage in Grand Junction, CO

While not originally planned, we made a quick trip to Minnesota to collect our bicycles and tie up loose ends. This included a dentist appointment, arranging for absentee ballots and organizing our storage bin.

After selling our furniture, we’re left mostly with boxes

We also made time for one Minnesota bike ride along the Mississippi…the colors were spectacular.

Hastings, Minnesota

Currently we are in Colorado…..and will remain here until mid January.

It has been a wonderful summer and we look forward to more adventures in the Vistabule beginning in Arizona early next spring.

Lava Beds National Monument