A Minor Hiccup

As we turned the corner and headed for Natural Bridges National Monument the road sign in front of us clearly stated No Services for 121 Miles.

We knew this place was remote so we prepared with a full tank of gas and multiple jugs of water. Immediately after passing the no service sign, our check engine light illuminated. Ugh! If we were in the city we may have ignored this warning but not in this situation. Our car is seventeen years old and the odometer is nearing 200,000 miles. We’ve done all regular maintenance but one can’t help thinking of worst case scenarios.

Finding a mechanic in a small town is a challenge but fortunately Montella’s car repair was willing to run an engine diagnostic check immediately. Fifteen minutes later the mechanic returned with a smile and the results. The gas cap was not properly tightened.

Just a small hiccup in our day and we were off to see the beautiful natural bridges and arches deep in the wilderness of Utah.

Climbing ladders in a dress is a bit more complicated

We also hiked to several 13th century adobe ruins built in caves and on canyon rims. It’s amazing that these stone buildings created by the Ute Indians have remained intact.

Hovenweep National Monument

Finally a small detour took us to Goosenecks State Park. Many years ago I saw a photo of this amazing sight…it’s the San Juan River carving its way through the desert. Seeing it up close was breathtaking.

Goosenecks State Park

Last week a women walked by our campsite and suddenly stopped in front of us. She looked at us, then looked at the Vistabule and then looked back at us and said “Wow, you must really like each other.” After spending three months together and seldom more than three feet apart, I’d say yes…we really like each other. Living “tiny” has been a great experience.

Yep…we like each other

9 thoughts on “A Minor Hiccup

  1. Your photos and travel stories are a welcome diversion for those of us temporarily (I hope) stuck at home.

    What’s this about you uprooting yourselves from MN? We really really need your votes come November!

    Big hugs and safe travels,


  2. That is a beautiful comment on your marriage. I love it, and you two, too.
    We had a similar experience with the check engine light. Now John always checks the gas cap, much cheaper!



  3. We enjoy reading your blog allowing us to see some of what you are experiencing!
    The weather seems to be unsettled in many places, we hope and assume you are safe.
    Please let us know where you settle for a while.


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