Green River Retreat

After six weeks in the Pacific Northwest we were headed for Colorado but wildfires in Grand Junction put a wrench in our plans. Instead, we extended our time in Green River, Utah. The river that runs through this small town is appropriately named with a lovely green hue. The temperatures were climbing above 100 degrees so hiking was out of the question. We figured swimming would be our best option. If only we could find access to the river.

Over the last several weeks most of our campsites have been by a lake, a river or a reservoir but we never had an opportunity to swim. Sometimes the water was too cold or the reservoir was too low or a NO SWIMMING sign was posted.

Lahontan Reservoir in Nevada

Although we could see the Green River from our campsite there was no shoreline. We were wilting and really needed a dip to cool off.

Green River

Stephen did some research and discovered a place called Swasey’s beach…a sandy spot with river access. I was hesitant because online reviews said it was twelve miles down a remote and partially paved road.

A remote respite in the desert

Even so, we needed a respite from the heat. It was a bumpy drive with craggy cliffs and bluffs along the way but when I spotted the cottonwood trees and the beach I knew we had arrived. We attempted to park in what little shade was available and quickly made our way across the burning sand. Even with shoes it was a tough go. As soon as we reached the water’s edge we jumped in and ducked our heads under water. Aah…that first douse of cool water was glorious.

Green River at Swasey’s Beach
The Green River

Words can not describe the relief we felt from the heat. In the end, we returned three consecutive days and after each visit we marveled at the beautiful green river that flowed through this parched desert. It was so refreshing!

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