What a Hike!

If you look closely at the photo you will see Stephen standing at the bottom of a sand dune amidst a wind storm….and if you zoom in, you might see a grimace on his face.

We were camping at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area near Coos Bay and decided to hike the six mile circle trail across the dunes to the ocean.

The information kiosk and our AllTrails app both stated that wood pillars with a blue stripe mark the trail. We easily sighted all the pillars on our trip to the beach but the return walk was a different story. We spotted the first two pillars and then they disappeared. The wind and shifting sand buried our markers…we were lost. While Stephen remained in place, I climbed up several dunes in hopes of spotting a marker but I could only see sand in every direction.

Fortunately we had cell service and Google maps came to the rescue. We were able to see our location on our phone and then slowly plot our way home. Traversing up and down the dunes in a sand storm was tough but two hours later we spotted a familiar pillar and finally exited the dune. Later that evening while resting our legs and enjoying a glass of wine we both agreed it was a rough day but we wouldn’t trade the experience.

We’ve been on the road for six weeks. Stephen and I have become very efficient with setting up and tearing down a campsite. With careful planning our refrigerator can hold nearly a weeks worth of food and I love cooking meals in the Vistabule kitchen.

Last week we visited Crater Lake….and I just had to share this photo!

8 thoughts on “What a Hike!

  1. Looks like you’re headed down the coast. Cindy and I will be heading up to Portland on Friday but staying Friday night in Mount Shasta area. Let us know if we might cross paths.

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  2. What an adventure! Sounds like it contained all the elements; challenge, delight, despair, celebration… that improve that glass of wine at the end of the day! 😃

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  3. I am glad you found your back through the sans dunes. That’s scary to see nothing but sand and not know which way to go!! So glad you showed your little kitchen. I have been wondering what it looked like. Very efficient. Keep up the great emails. Love ’em and you!!!

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  4. Crater Lake is beautiful – that blue blue!
    Love reading your adventures but I would skip the sand dunes – read like a tough go. But you are experiencing God’s unique creation in nature and the beauty and we readers benefit from that. Thank you for sharing.


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