North Cascades National Park in Washington is remote. We’ve attempted to visit this place for three years and in July we finally made it. With the Vistabule in tow it’s a tough climb over several mountain ranges but certainly worth the effort.

Half-way up the mountain

Wildflowers take center stage after a recent fire

Lucky for us, we arrived during huckleberry season and collected a bowl of berries. Without access to an oven, I attempted to make huckleberry crisp in a frying pan. Not bad!

Huckleberry Crisp

Diablo Lake

Morning view from our queen bed

Trying out my new hat.

11 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. Hi, we have been following you on line for a while-fun! We have #61. We would like to meander out west sometime soon, and have a question for you. Wondering if you could call at your convenience? Or email.


  2. Thanks for including that stunning wildflower in the pics. 🙂 And, love that you made huckleberry crisp. Those views, along with homemade dessert–perfect.


  3. Hi!
    Beautiful picture of the two of you!! You have certainly learned to “go with the flow” as you travel new territories. Stay well. Love hearing from you!


  4. We are heading to North Cascade NP next week. What campground did you stay at? There are a few ”first come” campgrounds … wondering if you stayed in one of those. We would be traveling during the week. Any recommendations for hikes or scenic stops? Thanks!


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