Happy Summer

Travel during a pandemic is a scary proposition but after reading several articles on risk level, it seems that camping is probably a safe option..all things considered! Based on this and other factors, we decided to explore the Pacific Northwest. There are a plethora of parks to explore in this area, particularly North Cascade National Park in Washington. We departed the first of July with a quick stop in Glacier National Park and currently we’re traveling through the panhandle of Idaho and the Coeur D’Alene area.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Kootenai River Falls Suspension Bridge, Montana

Now that we’ve been on the road for a week, Stephen and I have figured out a routine that allows us to remain safe. We have set up our own changing tent and we choose campsites that are less popular and provide ample space.

Personal Changing Room

Remote campgrounds generally mean limited cell and internet connection but quite honestly a break from all the news has been a welcome respite. I feel calm and relaxed for the first time in months

View from the Vistabule

While we expect to be on the road for awhile, there is a second factor that propelled us to travel during a pandemic. We sold our condominium earlier this month and are home free. The Vistabule is our abode until we figure out a new plan. We’d like a warmer climate and are considering a move to Arizona. The timing is uncertain but a plan is slowly unfolding.

Home Free

Right now we are enjoying the simplicity of a small space, the warm summer months and the opportunity to read, write and explore. I’m happy to report that our camper is completely repaired and leak free. Bert and his team at Vistabule did a great job of finding and repairing the problem.

Stephen continues to research and write baseball articles for SABR (Society for Baseball Research). If you are a baseball fan, check out the links to his most recently published articles.

Baseball article 1

Baseball article 2

25 thoughts on “Happy Summer

  1. Now that is a baseball fan and the baseball history buffs must be happy!
    Off for making lemonade during a pandemic – it is affecting everyone one way it another.
    Enjoy these carefree house free time. But you could visit southern FL before heading to AZ – perhaps COVID will quiet there before you go. We hope so.
    Linda Larson


  2. Better to come to Oregon on your trip. Tony and Dawn just moved to Melbourne, Florida after selling in Virginia and buying a new home in Florida.


  3. So good to hear you are on the road again. Those pictures are beautiful. I want to see and read more of you travels!! Hope you find just the right place to call home. (Tucson, AZ is beautiful, and doesn’t get as hot as Phoenix and environs. Check out Oro Valley)

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  4. Hi Girlie, Would love to see you! We actually are heading out in our rv monday the 13th. Would you like a place to stay for a week while we are gone? We need to catch up. By the way , I have the most awesome greenhouse now.


  5. Welcome to care-free, home-is-where-you-roam lifestyle! You will love it! We are heading west next week … first stop Glacier and then … anyone’s guess! Would love any words of wisdom that you can share. Hope to meet up somewhere down the road!


  6. What a world of adventures you two have had! It’s been fun and really interesting following your travels. Keep up your blog, Julie. I really enjoy following you around!

    Dee Dee

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  7. It’s always so much fun to follow you guys on your travels! Your pictures are beautiful and it’s so good to stay connected, especially since you don’t live in MN anymore! We will miss you guys more than you know! Love you and know that you will enjoy your adventures!


  8. I’m envious — can’t imagine being home free! If you make it to New England, look us up. We just had a fantastic camping trip on Cape Cod, nestled in a pine forest just a short walk from Cape Cod National Seashore. Have fun on your adventures.


      • Please do get in touch — it would be fun to catch up. We’re in Cambridge, MA. — lots of great historical sites to visit (when visiting is safe again). Safe travels!


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