A Taste of Singapore

There are no direct flights from Perth to North America so we decided on a route through Singapore.


Sentosa Island in Singapore

This allowed us a week to explore and experience this multi-cultural city that was recently featured in the film Crazy Rich Asians.  Although a small island, Singapore is home to more than five million people from Malaysia, China, India and Indonesia.  There are four officially recognized languages but fortunately for us English is the adopted business language to unify the multicultural community.  This allowed Stephen and me to easily navigate on public transportation and visit the hundreds of food hawker stalls and other attractions across the island such as China Town, Little India and the infamous Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Hawker Centers are large indoor spaces containing hundreds of stalls and ample public seating. The prices are low and the range of dishes overwhelming. We discovered through conversations with several locals that most people purchase their meals from hawker stands rather than cook at home.  With so many stands throughout the city, Stephen and I decided to join a tour and learn how to navigate between all our choices.


Food tour through Singapore ethnic neighborhoods

  We were a group of six and along with our guide Janice we spent the day tasting delicacies from all parts of the city.  Indian dosas, Malay coconut candies, Chinese noodles, and fresh pressed sugar cane with sour plum.

It was a fabulous day and we visited places that as a tourist we would never have found on our own.  

At the end of the week after exploring from morning until night Stephen and I were both tired.  The heat was taking its toll and we caught “hawker food fatigue” syndrome. Too many food choices and too many people!  We just couldn’t summon the energy to search out another interesting meal or visit one more museum.  On our last day in Singapore we sat in an air conditioned mall, people watching and eating ice cream.

Last night we arrived safely in Vancouver and now we’re starting to make our way towards Minnesota. Just a few more stops and we will be home.


9 thoughts on “A Taste of Singapore

  1. Fingers crossed the teardrop is getting some dust cleaned off of it soon, but I just love these blogs and pictures. You both are great!


  2. Could you send me the information on the tour?  We are going on a World Cruise January 2021 and will be in Singapore for 2 days.  This might be a way to see a lot of the city.  I have enjoyed following your travels.  Jan Jirousek

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  3. We loved Singapore especially Singapore slings. We’ve started doing foodie tours as we visit different countries And find it a good way to gather information and meet others. Paris in September


  4. What a fabulous trip you have had. We have enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for letting us go with you vicariously!!
    Love and hugs, P & J


  5. Thank you, Julie and Stephen, for sharing with us your travel experiences. I hope Minneapolis won’t seem dull to you after all the exotic places you have visited. It was fun for the two of us to read about your visit in Singapore. Roger and I spent some time in Singapore when we went on our “around the world trip.” We visited our nephew Andy Petrich for a day, when he was working in Singapore. He is now back in the U.S.
    Will you include your travel notes in book form? It would be good reading for anyone who has travel lust but can’t pack up and go.


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