A Hiking Adventure

If you are interested in a challenging multi-day hike with incredible scenery, I have the perfect opportunity for you. West Australia’s Cape to Cape Track near Margaret River hugs the coast for eighty miles between two well known lighthouses, Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. The trail showcases the wild and varied landscapes of the area, including pristine sandy beaches, eucalypt forests and limestone cliffs.

The emerald blue/green colors of the Southern and Indian Oceans complete the stunning surroundings.DA06B92D-C30C-4F77-B80A-86A6FBA06F92Despite the demands of the hike, Stephen and I soaked in the surrounding beauty.  We allotted five days for walking, which is aggressive, but time constraints would not allow for an extra day. D2A4D2C8-302A-4E8E-859F-F9233C3C5B41While we trained for this trek, we could not anticipate the difficulties ahead.  We prepared for scrambling over rocky cliffs and steep uphill climbs while lugging several liters of water but nothing prepared us for the endless hours of ‘shoe sucking’ sand that made every step a chore.8538E624-CA3E-4A1E-B185-CAE8E263A340  Our pace slowed on the beach and every forward motion led to burning calves and multiple toe blisters.  After some practice we discovered our best option was to walk in the footsteps of those in front, or even better, the occasional 4WD vehicle tracks along the path.


Photo credit: Victoria Johnson

Even with the adversities, this hike was extraordinary.   Joseph greeted us at different spots along the track and provided us with a cold beer and extra bandaids. 41C53D32-143E-4012-BF7C-9C86AA692CDDCompanions Stephanie and Glenn spurred us on as we  shared the experience together.0F5B1DC5-5A13-4832-AE95-2B52F0BD847E At the close of our final day when Stephen and I spotted Cape Leeuwin lighthouse in the distance we both shed a few tears.  This was a big accomplishment for both of us and despite sore feet it was a worthwhile hike.  We’d both do it again if given the opportunity. 


Cape Leeuwin lighthouse in the distance….our final destination.


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