Perth Revisited

We are in Western Australia for our first repeat house-sit and it’s nice to be in a familiar place.  We have settled in for six weeks, unpacked our clothes and re-acquainted ourselves with our host family and their grown children. Valentino, the Schnauzer that originally brought us “down under” is now three years old and warmly greeted us with wet kisses as we walked in the door.

After many weeks of intense travel it’s nice to slow the pace and relax.  We have a grocery store within walking distance and when we need to venture further from home with the car it is not such a chore to drive on the left side.

One thing I miss while on the road is my sewing machine. I enjoy the process of creating or lending a hand to hem pants or repair a shirt. This week I was loaned a machine and have been sewing up a storm. Stephen has been writing baseball articles and I’m happy to announce he was published this week.

When we are not writing or sewing,  Stephen and I are trekking in one of the regional parks and getting in shape for the five-day Cape to Cape walk.  This 75 mile hike will be our last before we begin our travels home.


John Forrest National Park

We have finally purchased airline tickets and will return home by the end of May.  It is difficult to fly direct from Perth so we’ve added three stops to this grand adventure.  The first is Singapore to taste the food, the second is Victoria, British Columbia to visit Butchart Gardens  and the last stop is Portland, Oregon to see our daughter.

Our luggage is still holding up after planes, trains, boats and busses.  We receive many surprised looks when we mention to people that we travel exclusively with carry-on luggage.  So far this minimal life style has worked well for us but it looks like we may need to purchase an umbrella for Singapore and Portland!

10 thoughts on “Perth Revisited

  1. I can only hope the teardrop makes a return engagement soon. Love your blog and your travels and you both are a great example of taking advantage of the time you do have.

    Safe and healthy travels to you both – and I think an umbrella would fit easily in the carry-on.


  2. Nice article, Steve! Happy sewing, Julie. We miss you guys. I’m heading out on my first cycling trail outing of the year. I’m going to try Cannon Falls to Welch. It will be a little chilly, but I’m ready to go. 🙂


  3. What amazing adventures Trusted Housesitters has allowed you to enjoy. Then in return you allow others to enjoy their adventures. A win win for everyone. Keep having fun!

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