Is that an Emu on the Road?

We’ve had five full weeks of travel between house-sits and every day has been an adventure. Before departing New Zealand we walked the Queen Charlotte trail and marveled at the stunning views.


Walking along the ridge of Marlborough Sound in New Zealand


After walking five days and fifty miles we considered hanging up our shoes.

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Wellington is a beautiful city with amazing photo opportunities.

After our time in Wellington we landed in Perth and immediately started driving up the west coast of Australia.  Our destination was Ningaloo Marine Park where we swam with whale sharks and fed the dolphins.


Thank you Joseph for sharing your new automatic 4WD

This natural window is perched atop a huge canyon.  We planned to hike around the canyon rim but high temps made it unsafe.


Natures Window in Kalbarri National Park


Termite hills are enormous in Western Australia

On our driving tour we stayed in the same hotel as a Chinese film star and his entourage.  Stephen and I were invited to join this group for dinner and taste the fish they caught earlier in the day. Google translator saved the night.  The food was spectacular!

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We are now settled in Perth for a month and continue to walk and explore everyday.


Little Lagoon

4 thoughts on “Is that an Emu on the Road?

  1. If you get a chance to see the podcast Sunday, we were challenged to daily “behold” Jesus in our routine. Your pictures today gave me a “behold the Lamb” experience with the stunning views of his glory. We even get to behold the emus!


  2. Your pictures and trip diary continue to amaze me. I was sorry to read today about the New Zealand mosque attack. It is such a beautiful and seemingly peaceful and loving place. MN is experiencing much flooding after a lot of rain on top of all the snow–Many flooded basements, streams and rivers. So far Appletree is OK except for several broken windows due to (a) falling icicles or (b) expansion and contraction. Twins Home Opener is two weeks away – and the Final Four , including a ferris wheel on Nicollet Mall. Hope it gets a little warmer than the predicted 45 degrees.! Stay safe and healthy.
    Rosemary – .

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