Another Look at Sydney

With our responsibilities complete in Palm Cove, we bid farewell to homeowners Robert and Diane and took a three-hour flight to Sydney. Although we spent a few days in this city last year, both Stephen and I decided we needed a second look.  

We set aside two days to hike the Blue Mountains west of Sydney,

and then purchased tickets to attend a performance at the iconic opera house.

F277DE2A-7907-43F8-9A18-F24BD8C86B62Earlier in our travels we met Toby who captains a private yacht moored at Rushcutters Bay in the Sydney Harbor. He graciously gave us a tour of this well known yacht and then took us for a spin on a beautiful, sunny morning.

761F371C-E44E-450A-B34C-85D7180D26B2 It was an unforgettable experience.

We also happened upon the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations with festivals scattered throughout the city.  We attended boat races, ate lots of noodles and enjoyed the colorful decor.

 Finally,  we jumped on a small prop plane and headed for New Zealand where we prepared for some intense hiking.  Stephen and I are full to the brim with wonderful experiences.



4 thoughts on “Another Look at Sydney

  1. Sounds like Sydney made up for the rain and humidity of the previous few weeks (But I’ll bet you missed the puppy…) Sydney strikes me as a wonderful tourist city … but I think you will probably enjoy New Zealand even more. I regret that I didn’t do an elderhostel there. Send pictures of the sheep. I’m sure you will have at least one encounter with the sheep taking over the road. Don’t hurry home – we can’t get out of this cold and snowy pattern. DST will start in three weeks — that must mean spring is coming.

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