Life in the Tropics

Although we are not natives, Stephen and I have lived in Minnesota for 25 years. We call the Twin Cities home and are grateful that we could raise our children in such a wonderful place. Public schools are fantastic and the bike trails are the best in the country. Even with all that Minnesota has to offer, I admit that I’ve never fully embraced a Minnesota winter.  Skiing, ice fishing or any winter sport is just too cold for me.  The best I can do is cope with the deep freeze until the snow melts and then hope for an early spring.  Possibly a childhood in California robbed me of appreciating a true winter but at any rate, I’m always looking for a way to escape the Minnesota cold.  When an opportunity to house-sit in the Australian tropics was presented, we jumped and now that we’ve been here for a month, here’s what I’ve learned; I love the warmth and humidity that allows for walking outside anytime day or night without a coat.  I love the open-air restaurants with light ocean breezes creating the perfect air conditioner.  I love walking out my front door and picking passion fruit directly from the vine.  I love a daily dip in the pool for a quick cool down. Soft and smooth skin that requires no lotion is sublime.  Tropics life is less cumbersome… a pair of sandals and a bathing suit will do for most occasions.


Psssion fruit vine at the end of the driveway

On the other hand…I’ve discovered some challenges of tropical living that rival those of cold temperature climates. It can rain for days with no breaks, leaving the streets and sidewalks overflowing with water.


Soggy doggy

 Staying indoors is the best option with cyclone rains but after a while that stir crazy feeling begins to take over.  Torrential rains over the last five days have left us trapped and wondering if there’s such a thing as tropical cabin fever? With high humidity the laundry never quite dries, leaving the clothes feeling damp and clammy.  Ants love humidity and will parade across the kitchen lest you tightly secure all food in plastic containers. Sometimes the humidity is so oppressive that the only thing to do is take a nap. Snakes love the tropics.  Look what I nearly stepped on yesterday. Yep, I screamed!


Extra-long scary snake

 This may be a case where literally the “grass is greener” but figuratively…not so much!  I’m not ready to face another Minnesota winter but the tropics with monsoonal rains, humidity and cyclones does present its own challenges.

Hello to all my Midwest friends and family… I’m  with you in spirit as you endure this winter of cold and colder.    

8 thoughts on “Life in the Tropics

  1. Right now it’s pretty cold in Alberta too. Min 39’C overnight .

    But I remember our trip to Singapore a few years ago. The humidity got the better of me. Nothing dried! When the rain came it was impressive .

    Yes each have their pro’s and con’s.

    Keep the stories coming !


  2. The fruit sounds nice…the snakes…not so much! As you’ve heard, this was a good winter to escape. Not much news here. Marc is in Puerto Rico for their conference they have every year. We actually are having a pretty significant amount of rain here. Stay dry😎

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