Who is That Pushing a Stroller?

Our latest adventure has taken us to Jacksonville, Florida to care for a sweet Pug named Bella.28584845-2522-41B5-8B3A-7AC6EA1CE486  This dog loves riding in a stroller so yesterday the three of us toured the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in St. Augustine. While Stephen pushed the stroller,  I navigated around the crowds and Bella watched the people.  

When I last posted an update in mid-August we were still house sitting in Alberta Canada …let me rewind and fill in the details. We had a wonderful time in Canada and were sad to see the daily pet parade come to an end but with snow in the forecast it was time to get out of Drayton Valley. We also had a big event to attend in late September and wanted some time at home to prepare. We hoped to visit Glacier National Park en route but fires were still plaguing this area and the smoke was unbearable. Sadly we postponed until another year.

After a lot of discussion and weighing options we decided not to drag the Vistabule back to Minnesota but instead store it in Montana. With more travel in Australia this winter we calculated that it would be at least nine months before we could continue with our western state camping adventures.  It seemed easier to leave the Vistabule in Montana and then continue our travels from this point next year.  We had a challenge locating an indoor storage unit but after numerous phone calls and emails Stephen located a place in Three Forks, Montana and we put the Vistabule “to rest” until next year.


The Vistabule in storage

We made it home in time for the big event I mentioned earlier and together with family and friends we had a wonderful day celebrating the wedding of our son Tim to Anneli.


Tim and Anneli

Just after the wedding Stephen and I departed for Florida.  It was a big change to leave both the Vistabule and our car behind but timing required that we travel by plane.  Our house sit is in a 55+ community and we are enjoying all the amenities this place has to offer.  Golf carts are the best way to navigate around the community and activities at the clubhouse keep us occupied. D7E99D10-798B-4CE2-8D78-FD057E60CD48We look forward to exploring both Savannah, and Charleston….cities rich with history while we are here for the next three weeks.

Neither Stephen nor I have had much opportunity to push a baby stroller in the past 20 years (and never with a dog in the stroller) but we are both enjoying it….just sayin’

11 thoughts on “Who is That Pushing a Stroller?

  1. Please keep the updates coming. I love them and it gives me some great of ideas of how to get the most out of retirement years, like you both are doing. Strollers and all. Even though I started this blog because of the Vistabule – and I love to see you use it more and write about – I still look forward to blogs like this from such a sweet couple.


    • Kevin, thanks for your kind comments. We also thought this would strictly be a Vistabule blog. We had no idea that it would morph into a travel blog but we’re happy to share our experiences and inspire you and others.


  2. You have very good timing. The wet, gray, and cold weather WE’RE HAVING UP HERE IN MN makes pushing a stroller around sound pretty good! 🙂


  3. Stroller pushing a good refresher in the event that grandchildren grace your future! Will be in Savannah in mid-October. Looking forward to exploring the city and visiting SCAD.

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  4. I think you should change the name of your blog to “Following the Sun!” Besides pushing a doggy stroller around and driving a golf cart to and fro, I’m looking forward to more adventures in Jacksonville. Hopefully they don’t involve alligators.
    Also would like to add that Timmy and Anneli’s wedding was beautiful. What a special time it was to be together.
    Stay warm!

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  5. Enjoy your blog and your varied experiences.
    Tim got married!!! Your family grows and we have found it to be a blessing! I have heard it was a special day with the weather adding the word a memorable day. What a beautiful picture!


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