Towards Banff and Jasper

We have hitched up the camper and headed west which means it’s time to bring you up to date.  The freak snow storm in early April melted quickly and this allowed us to jump on our bikes and cycle the new trails along the Mississippi River. With all the extra moisture the wildflowers were abundant and the trails bursting with color.


Schaars Bluff trail

Although the weather was cold in April,  Stephen was able to usher 35 baseball games for the Minnesota Twins and complete his yearly obligation.  He even got some choice assignments in the lower deck which allowed him to keep one eye on the game.  I spent many days sewing quilts and also teaching two young friends how to drive. It was a happy day when both kids passed their driving test.


Yar and Paw pass the driving test!

Everyday I reviewed  the Trusted House Sitters emails for potential house sits that would allow us to combine a sit with camper travel.  I found the perfect three week opportunity in Alberta near the Canadian Rockies.  It included caring for an older dog and a cat. We could visit Banff and Jasper National Parks for eight days and then house sit afterwards.  Stephen and I have both wanted to see these two iconic parks so when our house sit application was accepted we were thrilled.  

The actual house sit begins in August so we decided a mid-July departure would give us time to leisurely explore along the way.  

We have been on the road for a week and our first stop was Devils Tower. Located off the beaten path in northeast Wyoming, it is the first declared National Monument in the United States.   From a distance the rock looks quite smooth but as you get closer you see weathered striations cascading down the rock face.  We hiked around the perimeter and enjoyed photographing from many angles.  This was a quick overnight visit as we headed further west.  

Neither Stephen nor I have spent much time in Wyoming so we made a point of spending several nights in the Bighorn National Forest.  The mosquitos were a nuisance but the coyote howls and forest scenery made up for a few itchy bites.  While in the forest we braved many gravel roads to explore the hidden gems of the area.  A ten-mile bumpy trek to Castle Gardens brought us to a deserted area with interesting  rock formations. It’s not very often that our cell phones register “no service” but we were completely off grid for a few days.

We are both excited to be back on the road exploring.  Everyday we see breathtaking beauty and without fail we connect with interesting people.  We are grateful to Steve and LuAnne who we met at our last campsite and had tools to help us with an unexpected camper repair. (Squeaking tire rotation).  Our fears were allayed and peace of mind restored.  

I’ve had numerous questions about our house sitting  experience and will try to address them in the next blog.  

10 thoughts on “Towards Banff and Jasper

  1. Beloved spent July 4th at Devil’s Tower! Said she had to lean back and basically look straight up at the fireworks…and kept dodging the shell casings! Big Horn National Forest is her family’s stomping grounds. We’ve been through there many times and wish we could have experienced it with you.

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  2. Glad we got to have dinner with you two before you left, Your adventures are so interesting! Looking forward to reading more about your house-sitting experiences. Travel safe.


  3. We really enjoyed dinner with you two before you left on this adventure – and your adventures sound so interesting! I’m looking forward to reading more about your house-sitting experiences. Travel safe – and keep blogging.

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