Yikes. We made it home but it’s been a struggle. We arrived in a snow storm, the kitchen sink backed up and then a blizzard kept us housebound for several days. While I’ve had to dig out my winter jacket and gloves we have nothing to complain about….I’m certain that spring is just around the corner. We are happy to reconnect with friends and settle in a familiar place for a while.


The teardrop has been thoroughly cleaned both inside and out and is resting in the garage.  When we left last fall our goal was to visit the five renowned national parks in Utah and attend a wedding in Seattle. We had no idea this trip would take us beyond the U.S. borders and introduce us to so many wonderful people.  As Stephen and I reflect,  we are grateful and humbled by the generosity and goodness of people around the world. We were welcomed by family and friends across the country and then welcomed by strangers down under. Stephen and I are better for this journey.  We have been stretched and pulled from our comfort zone and we see the world from a different perspective.  We saw amazing scenery and we both agree that connecting with people along the journey was icing on the cake.

Our summer plans are not solidified but I’m certain that as soon as the snow melts we’ll pull out the bikes and begin riding. Stephen has already started his job ushering for the Twins and I’m sewing quilts. We both look at the map often and dream of our next adventure.  Thanks for following along on our journey.


9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Glad you are settled safely back home. And you certainly did have a wonderful trip, and we so enjoyed reading about it all. Thanks for your wonderful blog. Stay warm, spring must be coming sooner or later!! Love and blessings, dear Julie, and to Stephen too!


  2. Welcome home you two! I thought the snow would be gone by now. Thanks for keeping us informed along your way by words and pictures. Very interesting. And we didn’t have to leave our house. Thanks, too, for visiting us.
    Marvin and Jini

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  3. Thanks so much for letting me tag along on your adventures! I’d love to get together with you before you venture forth again!


  4. Glad you are back home again. It is fun traveling vicariously through you. Thanks for stopping to see your Santa Cruz family. It was generous of you to take over our kitchen and create a delicious meal for us to enjoy. Brad was so pleased to be invited and enjoyed his time with the two of you.
    We hope to fly back to Iowa for Tim and Anneli’s wedding but that is if the Lord so wills. It’s a long time between now and September 29.
    I hope the Twins do well this year, Stephan. But keep your eyes on the Giants!
    Roger and Auntie


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