Sydney and Beyond

We heard from several travelers that it would be crazy if we didn’t allot a few days in Sydney before heading home. I quickly booked three nights at a centrally located Airbnb and hoped for the best.  After a long flight across the country, Stephen and I navigated the trains and wheeled our luggage down city streets heading to the given address.  We walked through a back alley and climbed three flights of stairs to our accommodations.  My expectations were low until I looked up and saw a floor to ceiling window with a perfect view of the Sydney Harbor and the Opera House.


We sat for a long spell in front of the window, mesmerized as we watched harbor ferries scurry to and fro. We even saw four huge cruise ships including the Queen Mary blare their arrival horns and dock right in front of us.


Our Airbnb host pointed out the many buses below that brought tourists to photograph the harbor. We had a front row seat and it was spectacular!

For two days we rode ferries and visited the Sidney highlights…the opera house, the botanical gardens and the harbor bridge. In the late afternoon on our second day we both sat down on a bench near the harbor and could not get up….our legs were too tired.  I pulled out my phone and calculated our mileage and discovered that we had walked over 11 miles. We were exhausted…It was time to go home and rest.
Our flight back to San Francisco was uneventful and we are extremely grateful for  our family spread across California that gave us beds and hot showers while we reacclimated.

Our goal is to return to Minnesota by early April for Stephen to begin his second season with the Twins. We picked up the Vistabule in San Diego and are now in Arizona for a few weeks.  We will slowly make our way home and hopefully squeeze in at least one national park visit on this last leg.


10 thoughts on “Sydney and Beyond

  1. Started with your blog to hear about the teardrop and now just love reading about your other adventures, like Sydney (great pictures). Welcome back to the US and go Twins (from a Royals fan).

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  2. Dear Julie and Stephen—what a wonderful trip you had. We enjoyed it vicariously every bit of the way! Thank you for your wonderful blog. Hope you have a good and uneventful trip home.
    Love you!
    Phyllis & John


  3. You two lead charmed lives….if you plan to pass through Grand Junction, you are most welcome here. We are set to pick up our Vistabule in late April! Safe travels!


  4. Julie and Stephen, We were so pleased you spent some time in Santa Cruz to celebrate Amie’s and your (Julie) birthday at the Dream Inn. I think the view from the dining room is equal to that of Sydney Harbor…and I’ve seen both. What do you think, Miss Native Californian?
    Tim, we will be watching the Twins’ stats this year. That’s a fun job, isn’t it? While you are at the field, Julie will probably be at home planning next winter’s trip in your camper. Just be sure to include Santa Cruz in your itinerary. Roger and I will prepare dinner for you this time. Brad will want to come also, won’t he
    Love you two!
    Go Giants!


  5. Wow! This has been quite the travel season for you two. So glad for all the fantastic experiences you’ve had. Can’t wait to have you back in Minnesota! 🙂


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