A Potpourri of Perth

On Monday morning we took a ferry to Rottnest Island located just off the coast of Perth.  There were more than 200 people on the ferry and four TV monitors broadcasting the Super Bowl.  It was such a surreal moment to see a game playing in our hometown while we are on the other side of the world.  As I surveyed the room I noticed that no one (except Stephen) had any interest in the game.  I heard one ten-year old ask his dad about the game but his dad replied, “It’s American football…I don’t understand the rules.”  Stephen stood next to the TV near our seats and quietly cheered for his team while everyone else watched the dolphins that followed alongside our ferry. Obviously American football is not popular in Australia but it was a good day for Stephen as he saw his team defeat the Patriots.

Rottnest Island is famous for the Quokkas that love posing for selfies. They are described as the worlds happiest animal and look somewhat like a miniature kangaroo with some rabbit-like features.  Stephen and I rented bikes to explore the island and search for Quokkas. It was a glorious day to cycle. No vehicles (except busses) are allowed which makes it peaceful and safe for bike riders. The Quokkas  appeared halfway through our 15-mile ride and were happy to pose. We didn’t actually get a selfie but these little creatures were not afraid of humans and certainly fun to photograph.

While touring downtown Perth we noticed a sign advertising a free performance of the opera La Bohème at the Supreme Court Gardens. We had nothing else planned so it was a perfect night to hop on the bus for a quick ride to the venue. With just a towel in hand for our seat,  we strolled into the park with no expectations.  I was surprised to see the entire place full of people picnicking and enjoying the warm summer evening.  Six jumbo TV monitors were placed around the area to amplify the sound and add English subtitles.  Stephen and I found a small patch of grass among the crowd and watched (along with thirty thousand others) our first opera. It was a perfect evening!

Kings Park is the largest inner city park in the world….yep, bigger than Central Park. We spent a day touring and learning about the plants of Australia.  The park has sweeping views of the skyline and a boulevard of Gum trees that begged to be photographed.

Thanks goes to our new friend Joanna (from Poland) that joined us on our trip to Rottnest and Kings Garden.  On several occasions she snapped photos of Stephen and me with some amazing background scenery.

3 thoughts on “A Potpourri of Perth

  1. We are loving your adventures!! Thank you for sharing all the pictures and excitement you are having.

    We look forward to hearing even more.

    Have a great day!


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  2. Loving the updates – keep them coming! We’re back in the US, so now keeping right…
    What was the name of the organization that you worked through to find your house sitting adventures? You told me, but I did not write it down.
    We miss you guys – looking forward to having you back so we can hear about the adventures.


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