Western Australia

As you know we’ve come to Australia to house sit for six weeks but Joseph (our host) has also built several weeks into our schedule for touring. This week he drove us north along the beautiful Coral Coast to Jurien Bay.


One of the highlights included walking through pinnacles in Namburg National Park.  They were completely different from the pinnacles in California which were tall spires jutting from mountains.  Australia’s pinnacles are located in the desert and surrounded with yellow sand.  It felt like we were on the moon.

Joseph has a friend who runs a kangaroo rescue sanctuary and he invited us for a visit. Stephen and I both had the opportunity to feed the kangaroos and I even got within arms length of a mama with her joey peeking from the pouch.  It was amazing!!

We hugged the coast on our drive north and stopped at a restaurant to enjoy a lobster lunch. The deck overlooked the bay where the lobster had been recently plucked. You can see fishing boats anchored just offshore bobbing up and down with the surf.  I never tire of an ocean view and this one was especially nice with the puffy clouds against the blue backdrop.

We are thrilled to experience all this natural beauty in such an extraordinary country. Every night we go to bed exhausted but ready to explore again the next day.






8 thoughts on “Western Australia

  1. What a trip! But you must feel terrible about missing all the Super Bowl activity. I can’t figure out what people sit on when they sit outside at an ice bar. A vodka gimlet just doesn’t sound good if you’re sitting on a big ice cube. Coffee maybe. We’ve just had so much cold [it feels like January 74th] and a 12 inch snow a week ago.( No, the driveway coils didn’t work. Again.)
    Ron and John sold their condo and moved to Dallas–they sold it to a couple they met at their farewell open house here. (Dr. Paul Dondinger, brother of Tom on second floor) Many Appletree people are on their winter sabbaticals so it’s quite empty here. Rocky wanted to retire in Hawaii. I didn’t want to – my mistake. I have to keep reminding myself about the “quality of life” here. Enjoy your time away – it’s almost Baseball Season.

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