Grants Pass, Oregon

We have switched venues. Our queen bed and a kitchen, also known as the Vistabule, is parked and covered while we spend three weeks house sitting in Grants Pass, Oregon.93F1A62E-3A29-47B7-8BBF-954AAB25B825  We arranged this house sit through an organization called  and besides house sitting we are caring for chickens, two goats, two dogs and four cats.  After many weeks of travel it’s been a nice change of pace to remain in one place. We are situated in the Applegate Valley at the base of the Siskiyou Mountains. There are lots of vineyards sprinkled throughout the valley and more recently a huge swell of marijuana growers…both legal and illegal.
During the daylight the chickens and roosters roam freely but at night they retreat to their coop for protection.   I was under the impression that roosters crowed at dawn and dusk….probably I learned this from the movies and television. I have since discovered that some roosters crow at all hours of the day and night.  At first it was quaint listening to the cock-a-doodle echoing across the yard but the 4:00 am insessant crowing is growing old!  I love collecting eggs and preparing them for dinner along with spinach and lettuce from the garden. Honestly, we can’t keep up with the egg production…these hens are good layers.

With our slower pace I’ve pulled my sewing machine from the car and
while I’m creating quilts, Stephen devours books in the recliner.  The dogs are happy to sleep on his lap all day.


We’ve considered exploring the area but the rain has kept us inside. I’m  content sitting near the wood stove with a cup of coffee watching the two roosters prance and strut across the yard.  In the distance with the backdrop of the Siskiyou’s we are gifted almost daily with a stunning rainbow.

5F51F6FB-2488-4679-93F2-FD1570ADD232This slower pace has allowed Stephen and me time to reflect and give thanks for the amazing  beauty of this location as well as all the blessings in our lives.



11 thoughts on “Grants Pass, Oregon

  1. What a fabulous thing to do, house sit like that. Bravo for taking on the entire farm and house critters deal, too. Is daily rain more the norm there in the winter? I suppose you’re in the actual rain forest area maybe. Sounds very relaxing, inspite of all the animal care.


  2. Looks like a wonderful respite from all your travels. I’m not too sure about those roosters tho!
    We miss you at blockheads and will look forward to you returning this spring.
    In the meantime, enjoy your travels, and happy thanksgiving!

    Dee Dee

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  3. Hello from Grand Jct, CO….Wish I had been following your blog so we could have met and seen your VB while you were here…We plan to order ours this week. I’ve been reading your great blog and gleaning bits of lessons you’ve learned as you’ve traveled–thank you!…Since you are in a state of rest for a bit, any more insight about your camping ventures and Vistabule ownership what be so helpful as we begin a new chapter: ordering ours. Many thanks…..Enjoy your house sitters gig!


    • Cary,
      Sorry we did not connect in Grand Junction…We absolutely loved the area. We will be out west all winter and returning to MN in early spring. If we pass through GJ on our return home I’ll be in touch. Thanks for reading the blog. Congratulations on the VB purchase…it’s a great choice.


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