Five Utah Gems

There was a twelve car lineup for a campsite in Zion. It was unlikely that we’d get a spot so we chose a private campground just a half mile down the road.  We were happy to discover that Zion and the town of Springdale have established a wonderful and well organized shuttle system. It runs frequently and saved us from long lines and parking headaches…a real bonus in such a popular place.


Although our campground was severely lacking in ambiance it had hot showers and WiFi. We both carry tablets so in the evening Stephen was happy to stream the World Series while I caught up on a few Netflix series.

We hit the perfect week for fall color… Zion was aglow with reds, oranges and yellows. At every pullout I wanted to stop and savor the views.

I still have shaky legs after navigating the five-mile Hidden Canyon trail which was listed as strenuous and not for anyone fearful of heights.  The hike had one of those switchback trails that climbs quickly in elevation. While the uphill climb was tough it was the safety chains near the top that made my legs shaky.  I’m not afraid of heights but this was a new experience and there were serious drop offs. I’m happy to report both Stephen and I made it to the top and the view was lovely, however we wouldn’t commit to another hike like this in the near future!


Safety Chains as we hiked to Hidden Canyon


Weeping Rock

Our goal to visit and explore the five National Parks in Utah is complete. The parks are all gems and each one has its individual merits but Stephen and I both agree that Bryce is our favorite. It’s the diamond of the Utah National Parks. Besides the scenery, Bryce has a beautiful historic lodge with rocking chairs on the porch and a warm fire inside. We loved Bryce and look forward to a return visit.



Historic Bryce Canyon Lodge

With the five parks crossed off our bucket list we’ve got some new adventures in the works. We’ll be in Seattle for a family wedding and afterwards an extended stay in Grants Pass, Oregon.  This stay involves caring for a small menagerie that includes goats, chickens, cats and dogs. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Five Utah Gems

  1. I’m still on that cliff hanging on those chains! Good grief! You though bungee jumping was scary! See you in 6 days👰👨‍⚖️


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