Our final park visit was Saguaro National Park in Tuscon, Arizona. We saw acres of the iconic cacti dotting the landscape and towering above all other cacti species. When we completed our final hike, I removed my sun hat (after more than six weeks of non-stop wear) and felt a pang of sadness. Part of me would love to continue this journey full-time but we have many good things waiting at home. Stephen begins his ushering position with the Twins next week and I have sewing projects as well as cycle training for RAGBRAI.

We loved this journey and its challenges. We met interesting people and learned of all sorts of short-term volunteer opportunities through the National Park Service and other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Most of all we discovered incredible beauty across the United States and have a greater appreciation for the diversity and vastness of this country. We departed Tucson early Wednesday morning and will arrive in Minnesota on Friday evening.  We look forward to celebrating Easter at home and reconnecting with our friends and family. I’m certain that next week I’ll begin dreaming about and researching our next adventure…I hope that early fall will take us to Utah or Montana. Thanks for following along on our inaugural Queen Bed and a Kitchen travels. Stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks for writing. We are from MN also, and currently in New Mexico. Just gone two weeks. It is interesting what one learns, and how to pack better, organize better…each time we take “Pip” , our vistabule out. If you are going to MT next, highly recommend the Spearfish city campground/park.


  2. Be safe on this last leg of your journey. At least you shouldn’tt have to drive in snow or on ice… it says here. Rosemary


  3. That’s a gorgeous photo of your trailer against a bright moon out on the desert landscape. Sounds like this long adventure was very satisfying for you two and you’re already tossing around ideas for the fall season. Sweet!! I’m anxious to get ours on the trail, too.


  4. When you get a minute, I would love to see some “pointers” for us that have not bought a teardrop yet, but plan on doing so. A frank conversation of what works, what does not, things to think about, would be great.


  5. What a perfect beginning to this next chapter of life! I’m so glad I got to be part of it! I know you’ll be back😉 Stephen, have fun at the games and GO GIANTS⚾️


  6. Thanks for sharing your Vistabule experiences. Did you finish designing the galley hatch covering you mentioned in an earlier post? Have you done any more traveling?


    • Hello Judy,
      We have been at home for the last eight weeks while Stephen works as an usher for Twins Baseball. We took a short trip to Thunder Bay, Canada last week to visit friends. The galley hatch design is partially complete but I’ve just been too busy. Last week while in TB I was reminded that a galley shelter would be great protection against mosquitos. Thanks for the nudge. Have you considered making something for your VB? I always love to hear about new ideas.


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