On Hold

While Stephen was in Minneapolis for training, I had a relaxing week sewing and visiting  friends. Unfortunately my machine konked out after a few hours but my RV neighbor loaned me her machine. (Apparently,  I’m not the only one who travels with a sewing machine.)  It was a disappointment that my machine broke, but I’m grateful for such a generous neighbor.

After thirty years, I reconnected with my college roommate Lynne.  Besides catching up, she rescued me from the  harsh desert winds and offered me her guest room for two nights. Just before I left Lynne’s house, she picked a bag full of grapefruit from the tree in her yard.  Stephen and I have  been enjoying them every morning for breakfast.

Our plans have been delayed while Stephen recovers from a bad cold he picked up on his return from Minnesota.  He needs a few days to rest and recover and then we’ll move on.  This slow pace has allowed me to read stacks of books, enjoy the sunset and take time to converse with our neighbors.  It’s all good.

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