Ten Feet of Space

img_0660We’ve had friends ask how the two of us can function in ten feet of space. Here’s what we’ve learned the last two years about maximizing space and functioning efficiently.  Besides the Vistabule, our best purchase was two plastic chests of drawers from a big box store. The drawers fit in the backseat of our Highlander and hold our clothes and miscellaneous items. They are easy to access and provide vertical storage without blocking the rear view. We also have a plastic tote with toiletry items that is easy to carry to the washroom.

I have several suction hooks that I place around the Vistabule when we’re parked which hold towels, coats and keys.

We each have headlamps hanging over the bed if we are walking after dark. Two pair of shoes are sufficient…. we wear one and the other pair sits on the floor behind the back seat.

We carry two very old beach chairs that Stephen inherited from his parents. They are aluminum with webbing and we estimate that the orange chair is over 50 years old.  It holds a lot of sentimental value.

A plastic fold up table serves as a second kitchen space and is easily stored in the car.

Recently I made some overhead zip pockets in the Vistabule galley…at the moment they hold electric cords and my apron.  I’m in the process of creating a Vista-caboose…a tent structure over the galley.  I’ll talk about it and share photos in a later post.

Because there are very few bugs in the desert we’ve been converting our bed into a couch during the day. We fling open the doors and enjoy our morning coffee with a view (and a little sun protection). Today we tested our new solar panel. It required minimal setup; unpack, plug-in, aim the cells toward the sun and watch the voltmeter increase.

For those of you who are Vistabule owners and curious about security, we have purchased a few items; a ball lock, a hitch lock and a tire boot. The item we use the most is the ball lock…it’s easy to store and attach. The boot is an extra precaution that we use only occasionally. I’m still trying to figure out a way to secure the solar panel.

As far as exploring, we’ve hiked several mountains and marvel at the beauty of the desert. With all the rain, there are wildflowers carpeting the landscape…it is spectacular. I finally had to ditch my visor for more sun protection. We match!



9 thoughts on “Ten Feet of Space

  1. In a future post, I would love to hear about your tow vehicle, how well it pulls the trailer and what type of MPGs you are getting. Love the blog.


    • Kevin. Thanks for your kind comments. We tow the Vistabule with a 2003 Toyota Highlander. We have more than 116,000 miles on the car and it does a great job pulling the camper. We generally get 21 miles per gallon without the camper and about 19 mpg with the Vistabule.


      • Sounds great. Thanks for the info. I continue to look for the set up that you have, just have to get around a few small pesky items, like paying for it. I will say my research shows that the Vestibule is top notch. Enjoy and keep the blog going.


  2. Hi Julie. For the solar panel get a bicycle cable lock and pass the lock through the fold out legs and then secure it to the picnic table or a tree. Jeff


  3. Love that you love the desert, Julie! It was so great to see you and catch up on 25+ years of life….we WILL keep in touch! Happy trails!!


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