South Island

New Zealand is made up of two islands with 75 percent of the four million residents living on the North island. This leaves only a handful of people on the South Island and a whole lotta sheep! We had a great time touring the North Island as well as a wonderful evening with the Pember family, where Abby is working as a nanny for Lauren and Liam. Even with amazing hikes and views Tim kept saying “wait til we get to the South Island”. We flew from Auckland to Queenstown on Monday and we’ve been in awe for days. Everywhere are stunning mountain peaks with glacial blue lakes and sheep dotting the countryside. The driving is tricky with hairpin curves and switchbacks but around every corner is another amazing view.


My last blog was about no worries but I must disclose that I’ve had a few uneasy moments this week.  Queenstown is known for their extreme sports and my kids hinted that they might be participating. I asked them not to give me details but I was pretty sure they made plans to bungy jump. I learned afterwards that the Nevis Bungy jump is the tallest in New Zealand at 460 feet and sought after by enthusiasts. My mind goes to all sorts of grim scenarios; the worst being a snapped cord. No matter how much Tim and Abby assured me of their safety, I still was anxious. Tuesday morning was rough, but by early afternoon the four of us reconvened  and the kids were all smiles with photos to share. Afterwards we climbed Queenstown hill, a 3200 feet ascent  which is by far our most challenging hike yet. It was a toe crunching, knee bustin’ trek that took a toll on our calf muscles. The view made it worth the trek. After a morning of worry, I actually fell asleep at the top of the mountain and slept for 20 minutes. All that unnecessary worry and the climb wore me out.

On a different note, coffee has different labels; flat white, long black and short black. I’ve discovered that flat white works for me…strong coffee with foamy milk and Stephen likes the long black which is without milk. At any rate, we love stopping for coffee breaks so we can enjoy amazing views and reflect on this amazing trip.


8 thoughts on “South Island

  1. Thanks for the update. I love hearing of your adventures and the wonderful places you are seeing. My wandering soul is filled up by your adventures.


  2. We are so enjoying following along on your NZ adventure! It brings back memories of the beauty around Queenstown we saw in 2004.


  3. Julie,

    NZ looks like MT!! Sheep, mountains, roaring rivers. Not so sure about the extreme sports, but it sure looks fabulous. Enjoy every minute—we’re all living vicariously via your blog—from MN.

    Take care, Kim


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