No Worries

No worries seems to be the automatic first response of all New Zealanders. When I order coffee, ask for directions, or request help, the response is no worries followed by an answer. For example;

“May I order a coffee please?”
“No worries.”
“Can you direct me to the hotel please?”
“No worries.”
“Sorry for the delay.”
“No worries.”

It seems that no worries is a good descriptor for this country.

Yesterday while hiking through a redwood forest, I wondered what type of predators may roam the environment. (Remember, we had to leave the wildlife preserve in Santa Cruz before sunset to avoid possible mountain lion activity.) To my surprise, there are no dangerous predators in New Zealand. For my Minnesota friends who are annoyed with squirrels that plunder their bird feeder… there are no squirrels in New Zealand….and no snakes… and I have yet to see a mosquito. No worries. If you are in need of health care, it is covered by universal coverage. No worries. Now I understand why New Zealanders have chosen no worries as their first response.

Best adventure today was a thermal hot spring we discovered near the town of Rotorua.  It is a rather remote hot spring down a winding gravel road. As we approached the thermal springs a dozen cars were scattered across the dirt lot. There was only one tiny hut available for changing so we, along with many others, hid behind car doors to change into swim suits. Tim, Stephen and I walked along a fern-lined pathway to a river gently flowing over rocks. We saw small groups of people immersed in water, relaxing with big smiles. I climbed down some rocks and dipped my toes into the river. Yikes, it was hot, really hot! Slowly the three of us inched our bodies in the water and joined the others, soaking in this giant bathtub hemmed in by trees. A twenty minute dip was soothing and enough for one day. I climbed out of the river and without hesitation declared no worries.


11 thoughts on “No Worries

  1. We’re happy you are enjoying your latest adventure.
    Last week, Karen and I joined the Vistabule family. We picked up our new (dark green) home. We hope to push off from Minnesota later this month and head towards the Carolina coasts.


  2. Your time in NZ sounds surreal! If you haven’t already, take a look up at the Southern Cross – it is stunning. Keep the photo’s and updates coming – we enjoy looking at them and reading about your marvelous journey!


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