Santa Cruz, California

The Vistabule is safely stored at my brother’s house and we are spending most of January in a beautiful condominium that friends have graciously loaned to us. It’s a historic building erected in 1912 and once served as a teacher’s retirement home. As a child I passed by this residence nearly everyday and always wondered what was inside. Stephen and I are taken with the amazing view, the large veranda and the close proximity to downtown and my mom’s home. We vowed to park the car and walk all month

Every morning I stroll over the freeway overpass for a coffee break with my mom. I pass by places I have seen numerous times but now it is with fresh eyes. Mission Santa Cruz,  which is the 12th link in the chain of 21 historic Spanish Franciscan missions is on the 1/4 mile walk. There are rosemary bushes along the path and I always rub my hands across the leaves and drink in the pungent smell. As I step onto my moms front porch it’s blocked by a lemon tree weighted with lemons. Every year I receive a box of lemons from this tree, however this year I can pick my own. Stephen and I hiked a nearby trail yesterday and marveled at the view. Today is officially Stephen’s  first day of retirement. He purchased a Tilley hiking hat in celebration and is smiling from ear to ear.

8 thoughts on “Santa Cruz, California

  1. Wow, what an awesome place to spend January. How marvelous that you get to have this special deep bonding. Experience, too. I missed out on that kind of thing as do many, you are indeed fortunate. I’m enjoying your blog. Can’t wait to get out there and travel for at least a month at a time for sure!


  2. Tell Steve the hat works!!! Santa Cruz sounds like a place I should do a winter elderhostel. Actually this week any place sounds like a place I should do a winter elderhostel. I’m sure it’s wonderful to be out of the bug and in a bedroom and bathroom! Enjoy..


  3. I always squish the rosemary in my fingers and let the smell linger for awhile. I’m so glad you get to take that walk over the bridge. Precious memories!


  4. Julie – On a flight from LA to San Jose last week I had a beautiful view of Monterrey, the bay and Santa Cruz. It made me think of you guys – and I wondered if you and Steve were down there somewhere in my field of view…
    We really enjoy the blogs – keep it up! Great news on Steve helping the Twins – that guarantees we’ll see you at least some times during the summer.
    Have you guys been to any good ethnic restaurants lately? LLS


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