When we purchased our teardrop I began to research all things camping and, as I delved into this world I learned about a term called boondocking. Although there is no official definition for this word it refers to disbursed camping outside developed campgrounds and generally means there are no hook ups available (electricity/water). There are many places in the Southwest where it is legal to boondock on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and National Forest property. I’ve watched YouTube videos and followed blogs that write about the adventures of this type of lifestyle. While I’m not interested in full-time boondocking, I’m intrigued by this type of camping and hope to explore some form of boondocking in February and March while we’re in Arizona and New Mexico. In the meantime we are hooked up to electricity and all the comforts of home; hot showers, washing machines and a refrigerator. Our thanks goes to Kay and Bud, sister and brother-in-law of Stephen, who shared their driveway and home with us while we celebrated Christmas with them. We are grateful for their hospitality and while we did sleep in our camper it was nice to have amenities. I was wondering, since there is a term for camping in undeveloped camping areas called boondocking is there a term for hanging out in the driveway of family? I’ve heard the term moochdocking and although it rhymes with boondocking I’m not sure this properly describes it. Does anyone have a suggestion?

7 thoughts on “BOONDOCKING

  1. Love the update! We have two suggestions. Kindocking for staying with family and Propdocking for staying on family and friends properties. Take care!


  2. Woo Hoo! Happy adventures ahead! I wish you could float that little camper across the Atlantic and come for a visit. BTW, I’d call it “Framping” for camping out at a friend or family member’s place.


  3. Since “boondocking” comes from the word “boondocks”, as in, we are out here in the boondocks, maybe parking in family members’ driveways should be more along the lines of “famping”?


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