Observations and Discoveries as Travelling Newbies

-Cruise control is a lifesaver
-Our backs and legs tell us that 500 miles of driving per day is our maximum
-Rest stops in Arizona are much nicer than in New Mexico
-Always carry power adapters from 20-50 amps to cover all bases at campsites
-Find your place to camp before it gets dark (more planning needed in the winter)
-Search out free wifi spots so you can write and upload your blog
-Wide open land provides for longer dawn and dusk times and spectacular sunsets
-There are long stretches in the west with nothing but trucks, cattle and trains
-Take advantage of podcasts and books on tape using a Bluetooth speaker
-Roll with the punches…it creates unexpected adventure


4 thoughts on “Observations and Discoveries as Travelling Newbies

  1. Julie and Stephen, since you have all the time in the world, instead of driving 500 miles a day, take time to smell the roses and get out and walk in the desert or a city park. Some of the little towns are charming and have drug stores that serve strawberry milkshakes and the people are charming.

    response from an old 90 year old auntie


  2. Nice to see your blog, Julie! We’ve thought about you two, many times. It’s fun to ‘travel’ along as you write. Say hi to Stephen ☺


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