Three years ago on a VERY cold Saturday, Stephen and I longed for an escape.  The temps were well below zero and the landscape was a blanket of white.  We decided to visit downtown Minneapolis and stroll the heated indoor skyways and then stop at the convention center to visit the annual Minneapolis RV show. The visit was an excuse to dream about summer and transport at least our minds to some adventurous spot in the world.  As we entered the showroom our mouths dropped  as we stared at dozens of enormous million dollar motor-coaches with all sorts of amenities; vast kitchens, washing machines, integrated technology and slides to enlarge the space.  While they were interesting to tour, we had zero RV envy.  In fact both Stephen and I felt somewhat anxious even thinking about driving one of these behemoths.  After just a short time we were ready to leave as it just wasn’t “our thing”.  Making our way to the exit,  I turned my head and saw a crowd of people circling a tiny silver teardrop camper. It was an oddity among the giants and “the buzz” of the RV show.  We learned that this teardrop camper called the Vistabule was designed and manufactured by Bert Taylor of Minneapolis.

Vistabule Teardrop Trailers have a cab-forward design with a huge picture window providing light and sun filled space. The queen sized bed converts to a sitting space, with a fold up table. The kitchen opens from the back and  allows you to prepare meals while protected from rain and sun.  It weighs under 1200 pounds and can be easily towed by our Toyota Highlander.  img_0009Stephen and I spent another hour exploring the Vistabule and before we departed we knew this was the RV for us.  Simple mechanics, simple towing requirements and simple to operate. Honestly, we weren’t in the market for an RV, however  we were pondering  retirement  ideas and  the Vistabule teardrop was the logical solution. It fit our lifestyle with an affordable price-tag, a small carbon footprint and opportunity to roam. We put our name on the waiting list and nearly a year later we became owners of a Vistabule teardrop. Several short trips have proven that a”queen bed and a kitchen” are all we need and now we are ready for some longer  adventures.  California, here we come!


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